Pay TV Initiative of the Year

What was formerly a straightforward matter of aggregating content and selling it for a monthly fee is now a multifaceted business spanning content creation, linear channels, on-demand services, interactive content, OTT and TV Everywhere, all delivered via a user experience that is compelling enough to incentivise viewers to keep on signing up. DTVE recognises the most innovative pay TV proposition of the year.

Channel of the Year

Despite the buzz around cord cutting and migration of viewing to video-on-demand, the linear TV channel is alive and well, and consumers still appreciate scheduling and content values associated with their favourite channel brands. In honouring the Channel of the Year, DTVE recognises the international channel that demonstrated the most outstanding creativity and originality over the last 12 months.

The Multiscreen TV Award

The big screen in the living room no longer stands alone. More and more people want to view content on tablets and smartphones, and pay TV operators around the world are stepping up to the challenge. With the multiscreen TV award, DTVE pays tribute to the most innovative, intuitive and compelling multiscreen service.

Social TV Innovation of the Year

Surveys show that what people want above all is to engage with TV – whether by commenting, recommending and forming communities around favourite shows, or even by having a say in how things turn out in those shows. DTVE’s social TV innovation award recognises the best social initiative or app from an operator, broadcaster, content company or app developer to foster and unleash viewer engagement.

Virtual Reality Initiative of the Year

Virtual Reality is the technology everybody is talking about. VR holds the potential to deliver a truly transformative video experience, immersing the viewer and making content something that is experienced rather than simply watched. This award will go to a groundbreaking initiative that has brought Virtual Reality video closer to becoming a part of the overall video entertainment experience.

Industry Innovator of the Year

Some organisations are true innovators in the content space. The Industry Innovator of the Year award recognises a company or organisation that has created a piece of content, an application, a technology, a service that helps define or extend the meaning of ‘content innovation’.

OTT TV Initiative of the Year

OTT services delivered from the cloud are now providing compelling user experiences that are giving traditional pay TV a run for its money. With the OTT TV Initiative of the Year award, DTVE recognises the year’s most innovative and appealing cloud TV service or technology.

Power Behind the Screen Award

Delivering content to the TV and all the the other screens we now use is a complex business. Technological innovation across the entire delivery chain is vital to improving the experience. This award recognises a unique technical innovation that has improved part or all of the video distribution infrastructure that makes TV happen.

The Millennials Award

Advances in technology have fundamentally changed how  millennials access and consume content. With smartphones and tablets fast becoming the ‘first screen’ for 18-35 year olds, this category will award the best content, platform, or initiative for reaching and engaging this much sought-after viewing audience.

Best New Channel Launch

Creating a viable channel brand and securing distribution or advertising revenue in an increasingly crowded and competitive global channel business is not a task for the faint-hearted. But for those who succeed, the rewards are there. DTVE recognises the most compelling new channel proposition of the last 12 months.

Advanced TV Innovation of the Year

Technologies that change the way people use and view TV are immensely powerful tools for TV operators and content providers as well as for consumers themselves. The Advanced TV Innovation award will go to a technology or service that has delivered a new and better form of TV experience – whether by enabling viewers to view content in new ways, by overcoming a technical or commercial challenge in bringing new services to market or delivering a measurable improvement in the overall quality of a service.

UHD Initiative of the Year

Ultra high-definition TV is the latest big innovation in the viewing experience, but which international companies are riding the 4K wave with conviction? Whether it takes the form of a new channel, on-demand service or pioneering effort in content creation, DTVE’s 4K initiative of the year pays tribute to the most exciting use of 4K.

Best Series Launch of the Year

As channels seek to stand out from the crowd with original programming and big-ticket acquisitions, often launching across several territories at once, DTVE awards the series that launched with the most buzz and which created the greatest ratings, marketing and social media impact.

Second Screen Experience Technology Award

Viewers are now using a whole range of devices – smartphones, tablets, game consoles or even watches – to interact with TV or to view programmes directly. The Second Screen Experience Technology award will recognise the value of an innovation in the way TV is delivered to new categories of devices or in enabling viewers to interact with TV in new ways using those devices.

Content Discovery Technology Award

With content now coming at viewers from all angles – TV channels, on-demand portals, the web and their own hard drives – there is an ever more urgent need to provide technologies that can enable them to find something they might actually want to watch here and now. The Content Discovery Technology award will recognise an innovation in helping viewers find the content that appeals to them.

Best Content Distributor

Content sales is an increasingly complex business, with more windows to negotiate and more channels and platforms to sell to in a fragmented market. DTVE recognises the international content distributor that has most successfully negotiated this new landscape and which is innovating and prospering in the programme sales world.

Most Innovative Digital Project

From fashion vloggers, to comedy series, to original kids series, original online series are racking up big viewing numbers. We recognise the most innovative.

Breakout International Drama

As the golden age of drama continues, we recognise the scripted series that has created the greatest impact around the world.

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